No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1534

As the sky turned dark, everyone had used up quite a lot of Chi as they took to the skies for a long period. They then found an unoccupied island and spent the night to replenish themselves.

When Jack was free, he sat by the bonfire and read the ancient tome. He had new insights toward medicine related items with it.

He came across numerous pill remedies he had never seen before in the ancient tome and, fascinated by what he read, tried his best to memorize them.

The next morning, everybody resumed their journey.

As expected, they met more monster beasts compared to their first day, and these monster beasts had higher fighting prowess and combat power.

Needless to say, the deeper they traversed the seas, the stronger the monster beasts were.

Some of the small islands had some small forces, but these dared not come forward and enquired anything when they saw the large group of people, about two hundred to three hundred thousand people flying in the sky. They even secretly prayed that these people would not come down and cause them trouble.

Sure enough, such a huge gathering of people attracted the attention of larger forces in the seas as time passed.

“That many of them? Do they look like they’re formed by many forces?” In a huge island was a force known as the Hall of Divine Royal, one of the largest among all the forces within these tens of thousand miles of seas.

As the clans in the seas seldom mingled with families of the mainland, not many people knew about this force.

However, all the forces located in these seas were absolutely terrified of this force and dared not offend them.

The leader of the Hall of Divine Royal sat in the huge dragon-shaped stone chair and looked toward his followers standing at both sides.

One of them knelt in the middle of the hall and reported, “That’s right. Many smaller forces grew fearful as they had no idea what these people were up to in the area. Not only were they many in number, but some even stood on an ultimate-grade spiritual tool. They felt that these people have quite a high fighting prowess, and they must be visiting our seas for some important matter.”

“Ultimate-grade spiritual tool?” The eyes of the masters lined at both sides lit up when an ultimate-grade spiritual tool was brought up. Such a precious item had seized the attention of these masters in the peak or final stage of the true god-level.

“Ultimate-grade spiritual tool? Formed by many forces? They must be shadow families from the mainland. The four ancient clans on the mainland were always so pompous and didn’t like to deal with other forces. Since you guys say that they’re made up of many forces, it’s highly likely that these are shadow families formed into a group.”

The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master’s gaze narrowed as he stood up. “These mainlanders truly don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. They dare barge into our seas with such a large number of people. I just had a thought-should we teach them a lesson?”

An old man, one well-known for his incessant flattery to the hall master, gestured with his hands and spoke, “Hall Master, these people dare barge into our seas, not honoring us at all. I think we should teach them a lesson!”

The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master thought about it and said to the old man, “What do you suggest we do?”

“Haha…! Gather the surrounding forces that rely on us, and have them join us to surround them. There are many forces in our seas and a huge number of masters to boot. I don’t think we need to fear these shadow families. We can just surround them and ask them to hand over the precious items they have with them!”

“There are so many of them, and quite a large number of masters are in their ranks. They have quite a large number of flying items and even have all sorts of weapons. Tsk, tsk! We’d earn a large profit just by robbing them!”


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