No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1535

The old man’s eyes lit up as he spoke, “We have so many masters in the true god-level here. Together with all the forces under our lead, we’ll outnumber them if we act together. I believe they won’t dare to fight and will hand over their valuables.”

Many people nodded in agreement at the thought, thinking they could achieve a great feat this time.

The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master turned to Elder Mosley, who stood at the side and said nothing, as he asked, “Elder Mosley, why aren’t you saying anything? Any thoughts on this?”

Almost all the elders nodded and agreed to the old man’s point of view, yet only Elder Mosley stood there as if he did not hear anything.

“Haha! What thoughts can Elder Mosley have? I’m confident that my idea is the best, and since everyone else agrees with me, it doesn’t matter what other ideas he has!” Elder Hartman laughed, eyes filled with contempt and provocation as he did. After all, he and Elder Mosley were always at odds.

Elder Mosley did not like his flattering ways and had always called him out.

It was why elders of the Hall of Divine Royal were separated into two groups. Those who loved to flatter supported Elder Hartman, who was deeply loved by the hall master. Some of them followed Elder Mosley, who was extremely strong and loyal.

“Indeed, Hall Master, I do have a different opinion.” Elder Mosley smiled coldly and stood forward.

“Really? Come, speak up. After all, this is an important matter, and I’d like to listen to everybody’s opinion on it.” The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master obviously dared not act briefly as the other party had over 200,000 people. Although they did not know the details of their fighting prowess, most of them were able to fly. Some of them stood on flying carpets while some traveled by flying sword. Not knowing their fighting prowess levels, he dared not act rashly.

“Hall Master, I think it’s best if we don’t act for now.” Elder Mosley smiled indifferently as if he had looked past everything.

“Don’t act for now, you say?”

“Quiet! Let Elder Mosley speak his mind before we make our decision!” The Hall of Divine Royal’s hall master pressed his hand and gestured for everybody to quiet down.

Elder Mosley smiled indifferently as he theorized,” Based on my understanding, the members of the shadow families aren’t so united, but they are capable of traveling together this time. The team seems to be formed by several forces, right? Why are they here in the seas? I assume they must be here to break through to the ultimate god realm!”


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