No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1536

“The ultimate god status!”

Everybody jolted when they heard those four words, clearly taken aback.

The ones there for the meeting were top-tier fighters, with their cultivation levels of at least the advanced stage of the true god status. As they frequently fought the monsters in the sea, the fighters from the sea territory had frightening martial arts skills. Their physical endurance had been forged through numerous experiences.

“Elder Mosley, you must be joking? You’re saying that they came to our territory to obtain the ultimate god status? What proof do you have?”

Elder Hartman was stunned for a moment. Then he managed to calm himself down and ask Elder Mosley.

“That’s right. Elder Mosley, don’t be fooled by them. We’ve been in the ocean for so many years and have no idea about the ultimate god status. What clues can those on land find? Don’t tell me that they’re more familiar with the ocean than we are?”

An Elder behind Elder Hartman stepped forward as well, flashing a frosty smile.

Yet Elder Mosley ignored the two of them. He faced the master of the Hall of Divine Royal again and raised his hands in a fist-to-palm salute. “Think about it, Master. The forces in the ocean have never been to land for so many years, and the land forces also rarely seek us out, right? Sometimes there would be visitors, but they’re all smaller powers, with only a few dozen people among them. And they all came to search for spirited grass or other things.”

Here, Elder Mosley paused for a while before continuing, “Now, so many of them have come to us in one go. They even managed to get the divided shadow families to form troops. What does this tell us? That means there’s something that moved them! That’s why I think they’ve definitely found some clues about the ultimate god status. That can only be the reason they’re coming to us!”

The anger in the master of the Hall of Divine Royal’s eyes dimmed when Elder Mosley dissected the situation.

“Master, I think Elder Mosley is correct. This must be it. Otherwise, these people would not simply enter our sea territory. After all, they’ve traveled far to come to the ocean here. It would have been a long and tiring journey, and there are frightening monsters along the way too. Why are they doing all this? There must be something that all of them desire to attain!”

The Elders behind Elder Mosley were also excited.

“Seems like there is the possibility!”

Even Elder Hartman could not help but rub his nose, conceding oftly.

After he said that, he asked Elder Mosley, “What should we do then, Elder Mosley?”

Elder Mosley gave a frosty smile. His eyes gleamed with hands behind his back and said softly, “It’s simple enough. At any rate, we can’t do what you suggest, which is to surround them and snatch their possessions. We need to understand the situation carefully, and only approach them once we know what to do! Then we’ll make a sudden appearance and see if we can get the treasure that will enable one to break into the ultimate god status!”

“That’s right. Now, we can’t alert the enemies before we’ve made a move! We just need to get the forces in the surrounding islands to pay close attention to these people!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal, Matthew Charles, nodded his head. He was excited.

His father had been a master among masters. When he was over thirty years old, he had already broken into the peak of the true god status.

Yet they still could not find a way to break into the ultimate god status. His father could only grow old, and he watched such a powerful fighter remain stuck at

He passed away from old age with no way to extend his life.

At over forty years old, he was already a master as well. He had also broken into the peak of the true god status at a young age. He did not want to wait around for death like his father. All this while, he had been assigning people to find clues about the ultimate god status.

It was a pity that it was extremely difficult for them to obtain any clues at all.


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