No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1538

Helena’s cheeks reddened when she heard this. She glared at him. “Don’t talk nonsense. Nothing’s happening yet. I haven‘t known him for too long anyway!”

Helena then looked at Jack again. “Actually, he’s not as perfect as you think he is!” she said.

“My goodness. First Young Mistress Cabello, such a man is not perfect enough? His cultivation level is so high, and he’s young and handsome. Even the masters of the Four Ancient Clans are no match for him. Besides, he knows alchemy. Even I think such a man is perfect. And you think he’s not?”

The man’s expression was full of disbelief after he heard that.” The women in our family have all become his fans, and they all dream of getting married to him. And you think he’s not good enough?”

Helena was furious. She shot him a vicious glare and spoke angrily, “How can one person speak so much nonsense? Why does it matter to you if he’s perfect or not? Leave!”

The man did not know why Helena would get so riled up. He could not help but murmur an apology and quickly return to his family.

Daniella looked at her sister from the side, biting her lip as she sank deep into her thoughts. It was true that Jack was fantastic, from her sister’s furious behavior, she probably had some feelings for him too.

The next morning, everyone moved out again. Yet at noon, a group of people appeared before them, blocking their way.

“It seems like we’ve attracted the attention of some forces here!”

Shelby looked at the people in front of them and could not help but grin. “They didn’t even bring thirty thousand people. And they wish to fight twenty thousand of us? Are they naïve or stupid?”

“Who knows!”

Jack smiled, unable to bother himself with them. He resumed reading his book. “I’ll just keep reading. These people will be a piece of cake!”

Those people flew a little closer before stopping. One of them, an old man, looked at the crowd before him for a while before stepping forward. “If our eyes have not deceived us, travelers,” he said, “you do not belong to the forces of the ocean. You’re from the mainland, am I correct?”

Alejandro stepped forward and raised his hands in a fist-topalm salute. “Indeed. We have come from the mainland,” he said. “We have something to do in the ocean. I hope we have not caused any disturbance among you.”

“Heh. You’re probably here to find treasure. You rarely come here on a normal basis, so we’ve never been bothered about you. We didn’t interfere even when fights broke out.

“But this time, you’ve brought so many people with you. Aren’t you going overboard? Don’t look down on us from the ocean-big and small forces alike!”

The old man chuckled and waved his hand at the crowd. “If you know what’s best for you, I think you should just turn back. I‘m here to advise you. Otherwise, it’ll be terrible if we were to attack you!”

“Attack us? We’re not some motley crowd here.” Alejandro replied, chuckling.


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