No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1541

It was evident that Jack had become the strongest fighter there. Even the master of a first-class family like the Lucas Family had to first seek out Jack’s opinions and speak in a deferential tone.

Jack nodded his head. “I was also thinking about how we should enter the island! Then we’ll enter at night! For now, let’s rest at the island over there. There are plenty of trees for us to hide temporarily!”

Soon, everyone flew over and temporarily hid on the small island.

At night, everyone moved out for Black Wind Forest.

“It’s time, let’s go and be careful everyone. The deeper we go into this forest, the more monsters we’ll encounter. Furthermore, there are plenty of monsters in the True God Realm!”

Kevin looked ahead and saw that there was nothing but trees before him, and his eyes turned solemn. Fortunately, there were many fighters. It seemed safer to enter the forest that way. If everyone had acted on their own and decided to fight among themselves without proper strategies, the last person walking out was lucky enough if they could emerge with half their body intact, what with the number of ferocious beasts inside.

In the distance, a frightening roar of a monster rang out. The noises made some people subconsciously uncomfortable.

“For those of higher cultivation levels, try to stay on the perimeter of our group-lead the front and flank the sides. The ones who are at the demi-god status should walk in the middle. Also, this forest is massive. Don’t walk too close to each other, everyone. If we scatter ourselves a little, our search radius will be widened!”

Jack thought for a while before coming up with another suggestion not long after they entered the forest. When everyone heard that, they all thought that it was a good idea. They followed Jack’s instructions without hesitation and forged forward.

Yet what Jack and the others did not expect was that after almost two hours since they first entered the forest, the Hall of Divine Royal people and the aboriginal families had also entered the perimeter on Black Wind Island. There were over thirty thousand of them in total.

“Let’s go. This is our chance to find the secret to break into the ultimate god status!”

The master of the Hall of Divine Royal looked forward and waved his hand. He led everyone to fly in.

In front of them, multiple roars rang out. Hundreds of giant Storm Wolves appeared before Jack and the others.

“These monsters have high cultivation levels. It seems like many of them are at the intermediate stage of the demi-god realm!”

Nash gave a bitter smile as he watched the monsters before them. “We’ve just entered, and we’ve already encountered so many monsters already. It’s truly dangerous here. Monsters like these are hard to find in the treasure spots on the mainland!”

“Young Master Jack, leave them to us. It just so happens that these monsters will be a good exercise for us!”

Adam, Riley, and the others were all excited. They were looking at the blood-sucking monsters as though they were a flock of sheep.

“You must be exaggerating. You all are already at the beginning stage of the true god status, Adam. These monsters are perfect for us!”

Lana’s face darkened, speaking unhappily.

“All of you, attack together and get rid of these monsters as soon as possible. We need to go in as fast as we can. It’ll be even better if we can avoid alerting the forces on this island and other islands. The aboriginals on this island are not very strong, but they have plenty of fighters in the True God Realm too!”

Nash told them straight away. “It’ll be harder for them to find us if we venture deeper. After all, they won’t come this far into the forest if they have nothing to do.”


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