No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1546

“It’s so hard to fight against these monster beasts! The most difficult beasts to deal with were the ones with the strength of True God Realm! We’ve lost more than two hundred people in this battle!”

Kenneth’s pallor had taken on a deathly shade as he looked at the corpses on the ground. Although only two to three people of the White family died in this battle, nobody wanted to see any of their family members die here.

Not to mention that they were already in this forest for the past several days! They flew above the trees to see and estimate the journey ahead of them, but all they saw was an ample patch of the forest ahead of them. They did not know how wide and huge this forest was and how far away they were from the deepest end of the forest.

“The situation is considered good. The number of this group of monster beasts is not much, but their combat level is so much higher. For us to be able to have such an outcome, it’s considered good. And the road ahead of us will be much more dangerous and difficult!”

Jack gave a bitter smile as he spoke. He led the people to continue to advance into the forest.

However, they obtained quite a lot of second-grade spirited grass along the way. When any of them spotted a spirited grass, they would pick it and hand it over to Jack, and Jack would keep those materials inside a martial ring. Then by the time when they got out of this forest, Jack would distribute the materials to each family according to the agreed ratio.

Another two days had passed. Jack and the group had suffered casualties of more than four thousand men. The frequency of them encountering monster beasts of demi-god and true god levels increased tremendously as they moved forward.

Furthermore, some of these monster beasts were moving in hordes. It was difficult for Jack and the team to deal with.

“With a place like this, I think the natives who are living on the island will not venture this deep in the forest to seek for treasure. And the two-headed hurricane leopard from just now was really terrifying! It was at the peak of True God Realm! Luckily, Young Master Jack stepped up and fought it, and used only one punch to end its life. If we were the one facing it, I don’t think we would be alive!”

An elder from the Cabello family praised Jack highly, staring at him with awe, admiration, and excitement in his eyes.

The monster beast’s body was stronger and sturdier than human martial artists. Generally, when human martial artists encounter monster beasts of the same level, they would try to attack the beasts from a distance. This was because, in a melee battle with a beast of equal level, human martial artists would not stand a chance to survive.

However, in the previous battle, not only Jack did not distance himself from the beast, but he charged toward the beast and killed it with a one punch. That kind of combat prowess and strength surprised the others, especially Alejandro, at the same time, made them be in awe of Jack even more.

They, as the elite fighters of the peak of True God Realm among the older generation, were not even on par with Jack, who had just broken into the peak of True God Realm. This made them speechless.

Some young girls of the younger generation, who were confident in their looks, would deliberately approach Jack, strode around Jack, and have small talks with each other, obviously wanting to attract Jack’s attention.

Some of them were even bolder! They took the initiative to go forward, and then used the excuse of desiring to learn medical skills from Jack to strike up a conversation with him.

This situation made both Lana and Daniella exasperated. How could they be happy seeing beautiful girls going over to chat with Jack?

“These guys, they’re really powerful! What kind of place is this? They’ve reached this far into this forest, but look, only a few thousands died! It looks like they’re really united!”

The family head of one of the prominent families on this Black Windy Island studied the corpses on the ground and said with his brows puckered together. “Furthermore, they’re truly strong! We were merely tailing them and have encountered some remaining monster beasts from time to time. But look, we’ve lost almost three hundred men! For f*ck sake, they’re in front of us and have already killed most of the monster beasts for us, but still, they only lost a few thousand people!

“You’re right! It looks like they have more than three or four thousand elite fighters of the peak of True God Realm. Perhaps they have seven or even eight thousand of them!”

The master of Divine Royal Hall chimed in with grave expression. “It seems like their group is made up of several first -class families on the continent. Otherwise, how can there be so many powerful fighters?”

“I agree!”


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