No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1548

A loud roar rang out, the battle ahead was exceptionally fierce. By the time the battle was over, there were actually more than a thousand people dead and several thousand who were injured quite badly in Jack’s group this time.

“The losses this time are huge, because the battle had just ended earlier, and everyone has not had time to rest, and those who were injured have not had time to recover from their injuries. Then, they met another group of extremely powerful beasts, and suffered huge losses!”

Some people looked at those corpses on the ground and couldn’t help but lament that if they had time to rest, they would obviously be a lot better off.

“Everyone, let’s go, hurry up and leave here. That group of demonic beasts were perhaps lured here by the sound of the fight plus the smell of blood from our side earlier. Let’s leave here quickly, find a place to rest before talking, while those who are injured hurry up and take healing medicine to recover from their injuries as soon as possible, otherwise, if we meet several waves of such attacks consecutively, then the number of people we lose might increase greatly!”

After thinking about it, Jack said to the crowd.

The middle-aged man soon left, and sure enough, not long after Jack and the others left, another group of demonic beasts arrived and began to gnaw on the corpses here.

Jack and the others found a hilltop and rested for a while before continuing on their way.

Another two days had passed, and Jack and the others had lost more than 10,000 people again, and the price they had to pay was getting bigger and bigger.

“Young Master Jack, look, look ahead!”

Just then, at the bottom of a cliff, a huge ancient tree drew the attention of the crowd.

This ancient tree, which was more than several times taller than the ones they had met before, could be seen from afar, with extremely dense branches and leaves, while in the middle of the ancient tree, there was a golden oval-shaped stone, which looked like a huge egg and had mysterious patterns on it.

“It’s that stone, it’s fantastic!”

The crowd took a look and their faces were all filled with excitement. In the past few days, everyone didn’t dare to relax, their nerves were all tense, all for this huge stone, and now that they saw it, everyones’ eyes were red.

Everyone froze for just that second before many strong people rushed straight out.

“Don’t rush!”

Jack quickly thought of something and immediately shouted.

“It’s strange not to be in a hurry! Our family has had so many members die, and it’s so hard to find this treasure, how can we not be in a hurry?”

There was an elder of a second-class family, with a mid True God realm cultivation, flying in a relatively front position, his eyes filled with madness.

This thing, which would most likely allow him to break through to the Ultimate God Realm in the future, was so tempting that he couldn’t care less about it now.

However, thinking of how good Jack was, he still couldn’t help but say out loud, “Don’t worry, Young Master Jack. This time too, thanks to the agreement you mentioned to everyone before. don’t worry, if there are any techniques inside this thing, when the time comes I will definitely share it with everyone as agreed, and when the time comes, everyone will have to rely on their talent and see who breaks through to Ultimate God Realm first! ”

“Just by you?”

A man at the late True God realm quickly rushed up and blasted the old man on top of his back, knocking him down to the ground with a mouthful of blood spurting out.

“You ……”

The old man was furious, glaring at the other man with malice and hatred.

The middle-aged man turned around and sneered, then said, “Oh, old man, have you forgotten? According to the agreement, once this treasure appears, everyone can grab it. only after someone grabs it and puts it into the nano ring must everyone then stop grabbing and go back together. Now, I don’t care too much, but this strange stone is definitely mine!”


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