No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1549

However, at this very moment, not far away in the woods, a flare shot straight up into the sky, and after a flash, it blossomed open like a beautiful eye flower.

“Treasures have appeared!”

On the other side, the people of the Divine King Hall, after seeing the signal, were all excited beyond measure.

“Charge for me, and you must snatch that treasure for me, got it?”

The Hall Master of the Divine King Hall, with a command, turned into a streak himself and flew up from the forest, heading straight for the direction where that flare appeared.

“Grab it!”

Almost three hundred thousand people, one by one, shot up into the sky and flew from the forest into the air, heading straight for Jack’s side.


After Nash and the others heard the shouts not far away, they all had ugly faces, and all of them were surprised.

After all, they had already entered such a deep part of this forest, they had never expected that so many people would actually follow them in.

“My god, this number of people on the other side, there are even more than us, damn, it’s so close to us, looking at this, they will fly over in less than two minutes, have we been watched for such a long time?”

There was an old man from the Cabello family, who was equally frightened, his face ugly.

After all, the forces in the middle of these seas were not easy to deal with in the first place, and although there weren’t many big forces, the other side had gathered so many people, so I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be that easy to kill them out.

“It looks like Jack is right, we’ve been targeted before!”

First Elder looked at those people, and his eyes were equally as gloomy.

“Young Master Jack haha, I don’t care that much, this thing will be in our hands soon. I hope everyone will keep the agreement then, whoever gets it, it’s theirs!”

The middle-aged man who had blown the mid-stage True God realm old man to the ground saw that he was getting closer and closer to the huge stone ball, then he laughed out loud, he only needed to hold on for a few more seconds, the stone ball would definitely be his, as long as he took it into the Nascent Soul Ring, according to the agreement, everyone could not make a move against him.

If he got hold of the stone ball, and it would only allow one person to break through to Ultimate God Realm, he hoped it would be himself since his chance to change his fate depended on this one time.

Thinking that he might become an existence that many peak True God realm powerhouses could only look up to in the future, the middle-aged man’s heart became even more excited.

“Sigh, did they all forget one thing, that the Divine King Sect’s Master had said that this stone ball was on top of an extremely dangerous tree?”

Seeing the people flying out frantically in front of him, Jack couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Sure enough, just as the man was about to get his hands on the stone ball, less than ten metres away from it, a terrifying tree branch, which had violently grown larger, like a sharp sword, rushed straight out, causing the body of the middle-aged man, who had been caught off guard, to be pierced straight through.

“No, it can’t be!”

The middle-aged man stretched out his hand, looking at the stone ball that was close at hand. his eyes full of resignation, looking at the branch that had already pierced his chest, the life force in his body quickly dissipated, and he directly lost his breath.

At the same time, those several hundred people who were not far behind the middle-aged man were similarly pierced through their bodies by a terrifying tree branch, blood flowing down their bodies and then dripping onto the ground.

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