No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1557

Alejandro proposed his thoughts to the crowd.

“That’s a great idea! We all have to thank Jack this time, if it weren’t for the agreement Jack had made for us to agree to before entering the forest, we’d be in a huge mess; we wouldn’t be so united. And if we weren’t this united, we’d be robbed of that stone ball by those people!”

The head of the Lucas Family bobbed his head to show agreement. However, he did not forget to remind Jack, “Young Master Jack, if this stone ball is really the way to the ultimate god realm and it can be used repeatedly, we hope that Young Master Jack will not forget our agreement.”

Everyone’s gazes suddenly all turned to Jack fearing that Jack would keep it without sharing it as per the agreement.

Now, the White family had grasped the overall situation. There were only five people who reached the peak of the True God Realm, and among these five, Jack topped the list; he could fight and hold off several men with the strength of the peak of the True God Realm by himself. Hence, the overall strength and combat ability of the White family increased tremendously; they could even win against the Cloud Sky Sect.

If it were not for the fact that there were not many fighters of the middle stage or late stage of True God Realm in the White family, the White family would be stronger than most of the ancient clans including the Supreme Clarity Sect and the Flying Eagle Sect. The White family would not have to fear those clans anymore.

“Please be rest assured! If I discover anything about this stone ball, I’d definitely contact all of you. Of course, if the stone ball only allows one person to break through to the ultimate god level, I could not do anything else. Please then forgive me for being somewhat powerless in such a situation!”

Jack looked at the crowd and said in a serious tone.

“By the way, for the martial rings of those who have died in this battle, the people of the same family should keep it. It won’t be considered as the spoils of war. The spoils of war should be those treasures inside the martial rings of the opponents!”

After pondering for a few seconds, Jack then announced to the crowd.

The third-class and second-class families who suffered grave loss, cast grateful glances at Jack for being considerate of them.

After all, these families lost a lot of their men, and it would be unfair to them if they had to take out the treasure from the martial rings of their dead men and share it with others.

“Let’s leave this place. Right, when we go out, we have to be fast. After all, the closer we are to the outside of the forest, the lesser monster beasts there will be. In fact, the faster we leave the forest, the more advantageous it is for us!”

After everyone had collected all the loot, Jack again suggested it to the crowd.

“That’s not a problem. But, Young Master Jack, we have quite a few people injured in this battle, what should we do about them? Should we find a place and let them recover from their injuries first?”

Shelby frowned as she walked up to Jack and spoke her concern.

Obviously in everyone’s hearts, including those heads of families, they saw Jack as an important person; Jack had clearly become the backbone of the group there.

“Hmm…How about this? The others will leave the forest in different directions, and those who are injured will ride with the White family atop the flying sword. They should rest on the flying sword and let their wounds heal. It’ll be a lot safer to go in the middle. We have to at least leave this bloody place first because the smell of blood here will definitely attract a lot of powerful monster beasts!”

“After we’ve gone a little further away from this place, we can then find a safe place to rest. Then we’ll set off again tomorrow morning!”

After giving the matter some thought, Jack proposed to the crowd

Jack and the others then left this place shortly.

Jack was right about the monster beasts. Not long after they left the scene, hordes of terrifying and blood-seeking monster beasts flew to the bloody place and gnawed on the corpses there.

“Motherf*cker! Why are they so strong?”

On the other side, at this time, the people of the Hall of Divine Royal had fled a long way away.

They then gathered together at one place after finding out that Jack and his group were no longer chasing after them. A huge sigh of relief was let out in the crowd in unison.

“Yes. Especially that young man! He’s way too powerful. How can a young man like him be so strong? This is absolutely illogical!”

Elder Mosley said huffily, his heart palpitating.


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