No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1558

“Elder Mosley, what now? The other party wouldn’t hand over the stone ball! Also they’re so united, and…and we can’t defeat them! Ugh! What a mess!”

Matthew was down in the dumps and he did not know what to do next. In a blink of an eye, he lost more than fifty thousand men, plus those who died before the battle with Jack and his groups, he was at a huge loss right now. Even worse, strong people like Elder Lock and Elder Hartman were killed by the other party as well.

He was truly out of ideas.

“Sigh! We’ve no other way anymore. We have lost so many men, and those who survived the tough battle suffered injuries as well. Even if we go after them right now, we’re simply no match for them. Not to mention there is no fighting morale nor spirit among us. So, for the time being, we can only cease our attack temporarily.”

Elder Mosley gazed at the crowd blankly and shook his head helplessly in the end. His tone was full of despair.

“Temporarily? What do you mean? Are you saying that there’s still a way, a hope, for us to get the stone ball?”

Matthew’s eyes immediately lit up upon hearing Elder Mosley’s words.

“That stone ball is obviously important, so much so that those people from other families of the mainland would not want the stone ball to fall into our hands. Perhaps, they thought that if the stone ball is in the brat’s hand, they would still have a chance to snatch it from him once they get to the mainland. And if the stone ball is with us, it won’t be so easy for them to grab it anymore!”

Elder Mosley paused for a few seconds before continuing, “So, I guess that’s why they were so united beforehand and did not fall for our scheme of sowing discord among them. Instead they decided to stay still!”

“Yes, you’re right. Sigh! There’s no other way now, right? That stone ball…the more reluctant they are to give it up, the more I feel that the stone ball is the way to the ultimate god realm!”

The Master of the Hall of Divine Royal said with a sigh.

“Master, this is what I think. Everyone should go back to rest first, and then we’ll send some people to the continent and scout. If there’s any news about the ultimate god realm, we’d know!”

Elder Mosley gazed at Matthew and then said, “By the way, do you want to seek help from your senior? I know there have been some conflicts between the two of you and are not on good terms, but so many years have passed, he shouldn’t be upset at you anymore. Besides, if you tell him that there’s news about the ultimate god realm, I believe that your senior will definitely be interested! After all, if you could get help from him to find out who that brat is and where he lives, half of our job is considered done!”

“My senior?”

A few horizontal lines formed between the brows of Matthew and his expression turned solemn. “I’m afraid that he would command his men to strike against me, and I’ll definitely be no match alone! Unless…unless, we go in a larger group! At least one or two hundred strong people! It’s safer that way!”

“All right! Let’s go to him with hundreds of strong people! Besides, we should send more people to poke around about the stone ball!”

Elder Mosley nodded and the conversation ended. The crowd rested for a while before they continued to set off, heading out of the forest.

Only, what made the Hall of Divine Royal hesitate was that there was no Jack nor his team to help kill the monster beasts and create an opening for them anymore. Before that, they fled in a panicky manner and encountered many monster beasts. That made them lose another number of men.

On the contrary, Jack and his group possessed amazing combat ability. When they were heading out, they paced at a faster speed. So, they only lost a few men before successfully exiting the Black Windy Island!

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